Folding Table And Chair


Folding table and chair, an extra space whenever and wherever needed.

Why do we need folding furnitures?

Perfect for tiny houses, small spaces and people on the go! Office in Case allows you to have a beautiful wooden table and chair whenever and wherever you need them. Live in a small dorm? Office in Case! Travel to conventions and conferences often? Office in Case! Live in a tiny, restricted space with no room for an actual desk? Office in Case! Have parties often? Office in Case!

Taking very little space when not used and becoming as functional as any other regular table and chair, Office in Case comes in handy whenever a table and chair is needed.

What if you could have a folding desk sized 63x24inch that doesn’t take more than a few inches of space when not used?


Office in Case: Folding Table and ChairWhat if you could have a folding desk sized 63x24inch that doesn’t take more than a few inches of space when not used?

We created Office in Case for you. See all technical specs here.

Office in Case is designed to be a great option for all. A wooden case which is turned into a folding table and chair with standard size and easily be carried to any location you prefer.

Office in Case is a sleekly designed wooden folding desk and chair that folds into a handy portable carrying case. Hand-made and extremely durable, our product comes in four different color options.

We produced this great folding table using Birch Plywood. You can enjoy a dining or work area that converts back into the living area after you’re done with it. Our folding chair is also designed to offer the same type of conversion so that you can put in the wooden case and save space.


Folding chair and Folding Table

Advantages of using Birch Plywood in folding tables and chair
1. Aesthetic Advantage
   Birch plywood is beautiful.
2. Strength Advantage
   Birch plywood is durable.
3. Safety Advantage
   Birch plywood does not splinter or crack.
4. Price Advantage
   Birch Plywood offers cost-effective price.
5. Environmental Advantage
   Birch trees are abundant and fast growing species. More renewable than other sources.

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